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The 10-minute habit

Updated: May 1, 2019

Repeating an action so often until that action becomes involuntary. But before we repeat this action, we need to first choose a worthy action to repeat. So how do we choose? First, ask yourself these three questions:

1. Do you want to primarily improve your mental, physical or spiritual health?

2. Will an action towards your area of health be beneficial?

3. Will creating this particular habit ultimately increase your happiness and health?

Once you've chosen the area of health you'd like to focus on, why it's important and understanding it's purpose, we can then get specific. You are going to chose an action that is achievable and attainable. You can start as small as you'd like.


For example, if you want to improve your physical health by including exercise into your daily life but can't find the time or motivation to workout? Create the habit of walking around your neighbourhood. 10 minutes everyday. This time is yours and it's important to you. Let's think of your daily schedule. At what time of day will you be able to fit in 10 minutes of your day for your daily walk. Try waking up just a little earlier before work to start your day, taking 10 minutes from your lunch break or even 10 minutes before bed.

Let's do another example. You're stressed, easily get overwhelmed by the day ahead of you and can seem to never find time to yourself. All we need is 10 minutes. Waking up 10 minutes before your alarm to do something for yourself. Try having your coffee or tea outside and just enjoying it for 10 minutes. Listen to the birds, feel the wind and simply just be in the present moment for 10 minutes. You're not behind schedule, you're not late and there is no one waiting for you. You set your alarm earlier remember? YOU gave yourself a gift of these 10 minutes so just enjoy them!


No matter what action you chose to repeat, just remember that a mere 10 minutes can increase your happiness, health and simply allow you to become a better you. If you're struggling to find a 10-minute habit that works for you, then I welcome your emails, comments or messages where I can help you find an action to your wellbeing.

Have a beautiful day everyone!


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