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My 6 key tips for a great fasted workout

Fasted workouts. What are they and how to do them?

Essentially, a fasted workout is when you are exercising without having anything to eat or drink before doing so. Everyone will have their definition, their ways of doing it and the way that works best for them. This is mine.

Try and imagine both scenarios:

1. You eat your breakfast, a couple hours later, you head to the gym. Your workout lasts an hour. Your body will primarily use the energy from the food you had for breakfast. You gave your body the energy it was going to need for a workout and your workout used it all up. Boom, job well done.

2. You skip breakfast and head straight to the gym. Your workout lasts less than an hour. Since your body didn't have a recent intake of glucose, it will resort to other sources of energy. It will essentially use what's already being stored in the body. First, it will use any glycogen stores it can find in the liver, the blood or the muscles. Then, it will turn to using stored fat cells for energy.


I hope that painted a brief little picture in understanding how the body uses energy during exercise. So when it comes to fasting, I have a few key points and tips I follow and would recommend to my clients.

1. It's best to perform a fasted workout when having a fulfilling meal the night before. This ensures your body isn't going full on starvation mode during the night and into the morning before your workout. It doesn't feel very good when your stomach feels super empty and then having to go workout feeling weak.

2. To go as soon as possible after waking up. You don't want to wait too long so point #1 doesn't happen. You also want to make sure you're not still asleep while on your way to exercise.

3. Coffee and BCAAs are ok. Coffee as your pre-workout to give you a bigger boost of energy (if you need it of course) and BCAAs during your workout to give your body those amino acids it needs to ensure you aren't losing muscle mass.

4. You'll feel that you have more energy to workout than if you ate breakfast. It's a very cool feeling when you're working out and think "omg, I can lift so heavy right now, or I could run a marathon". But I find that this feeling doesn't last as long as you would like it to. That is why I believe fasted workouts should last about 45 minutes (going hard of course). If you keep going, your body will reach a point where it has no where else to go but down. You might begin to feel lightheaded, dizzy and weak. At this point, you are not doing your body or mind any good.

5. Fasted workouts work for both weight lifting and cardio. Both will increase your heart rate, keep up your heart rate and are ultimately beneficial for fat loss.

6. Keep that protein shake ready and have your post workout meal in mind. I like to keep my protein powder already in my empty shaker cup so I just add water at the gym. This point is very important, especially when it comes to retaining your muscles! Having that protein shake will give your body the amino acids it needs to feed your muscles from your workout until you get home and have your balanced meal.


In the end, if your goal is to lose fat, you should definitely try out a fasted workout. Also, because our bodies are different, it may work well for some and maybe not for others. If you have any questions about fasted workouts, don't hesitate to ask! I'm here to help :)

Have a beautiful day everyone,


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