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Marbella, thank you and goodbye.

July 20 was when my Marbella adventure started, November 3rd is when it's come to an end. I moved from apartment to apartment until I finally found the one I am saying goodbye to today. I came here without knowing anyone, without knowing the area but with the desire for something big. Everything you do in life will teach you something. Everyone you meet in life will teach you something. Without reflection, it's difficult to clearly see these great lessons life has given you. This is my reflection. I moved to a country, during a global pandemic, alone, future unknown yet it's been the greatest period of time in my life. I find myself continuing to say "it's been the best time of my life" after every big decision I've made in my life. Maybe it's because with every big change and decision, is when you learn the most. You experience something you've never felt before. You see a side of yourself you never knew you had the capability to do, to say, to feel. Big moves are how we grow. Making a choice on a decision we know we want, will change you. You become wiser, adaptable and more likely to see the importance of living in the now. I've never experienced gratitude this intensely in my 29 years of life. As far as we know, we only have this one life and I will forever choose love. My love for travel, my love for adventure and my love for living in the present moment will forever be my path. And now why am I leaving? Well, because of my love for love. I fell in love with not only life but with an incredible man. I will be leaving not only Marbella, but Spain itself. I will spend my last week in Spain in Malaga city before he comes and takes me to our new home in... SWEDEN. That's right. Sweden! There's a reason I left Vancouver to come to Marbella. The reason is always what you've always wanted. In order to open a new door, we must close one behind us. Marbella was the start of my wild adventure, the start of my greatest love story and what I can say now, the start of the rest and best moments of my life. Gracias, y adios.

Bianca x

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