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Just say yes.

To an extent, there are no rules to life. There isn't a list of things you need to accomplish in your 20's, your 30's or 40's. The only "rule" is to LIVE. Live the way in which brings you happiness. Live for the beliefs and love you have within yourself. Live for what you love. By this, I mean to make decisions that allow you to live a life that is encompassed by what you love. What you love to do for work, what you love to eat and who you love. I see life as a beautiful uncertain dream. Almost as a blank canvas where it's up to you, the painter, to paint your imagination, your passions, your loves and what you'd like to accomplish in this life.

My passions in life are food, travel and fitness. I will travel around the world, see new places, re-visit places that ignite my soul, eat wonderful food and workout near the beach. This is what I want for my life and I will make it happen. I was just in Italy a couple months ago and I've never felt so alive. I went alone and nothing was planned except my flight ticket there and back. Trips and moments like these are what shape you as a human, They increase your inner strength and allow you to see how big the world really is. Travel itself does this - with or without a buddy. I travelled alone to Thailand back in 2016. An absolute game changer - but I'll save the solo travel details for another post. While in Thailand, I met a fellow Canadian online - however despite being in the same country, we missed the chance to meet. He travelled back to South Korea, where he was studying. What did I do? I said yes to life and flew to South Korea. Even though things didn't work out between us, I absolutely did not care. I got to travel to a country I probably would have never gone to. I got to experience a culture I wasn't too familiar with. Decisions like this help shape your life and help you grow. My friends may call me crazy sometimes haha but I would rather be crazy and living my life than be boring and live an unexciting life.

I just got to cross off a bucket list item of going to New York City for Christmas and New Years Eve - all because I said YES to a opportunity.

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