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Diet starts on Monday

Instead of saying "New year, new me" or "I'll start on Monday" let's try "New day, new me" and "I'll start today". Every new day is a fantastic day to start on anything! There are 24 hours in a day and we are extremely lucky that we get to start a fresh 24 hours every single day. There is no better time to start something than the present moment.

I think that we wait to start in January or on a Monday because we use it as an excuse to "do it later" and to avoid doing it in the first place. "I'll start eating healthy on Monday" makes you think you must eat all the junk food around and you only have until Monday so you better eat a lot of it while you still can! - No. "What is a binge" is correct. You will either continue to eat unhealthy throughout the week because you felt so good at the time from all the sugar and you want that feeling again. Or, you will eat healthy on Monday, Tuesday and maybe Wednesday, then have it start to decline from Thursday and oh hey look, it's the weekend, my last time to eat junk food, and now we're back at Monday again. Both of these scenarios are not the best examples for a positive change.

The key is not to start on Monday or at the beginning of the month or even year. The key is to start TODAY. Your next meal, your next free hour, your next 15 minutes, whatever the case may be and whichever habit you are trying to improve is. Drawing from the same example of wanting to eat a more healthy and balanced diet, you are going to plan to eat healthy for every meal, starting right now. Your next meal will be healthy. You are going to substitute that white rice for quinoa and that take out pizza for homemade. However, a very important aspect to this plan, is that when your body and mind is really telling you that it needs a certain something, you will obey, but ever so slightly. You are really in need of something sweet? Have a couple pieces of dark chocolate or a bite or two of your favourite dessert. Note, we are not having the whole bar of chocolate and we are not eating a huge slice of cake. Moderation is your best friend. You are giving your body and mind what is needs to be internally and spiritually at peace. Trust me when I say that you only need a small amount to satisfy that craving. Another thing to keep in mind is that, this rule only applies to when you are REALLY in need of something. This does not at all count when you're in a bakery and spot a delicious looking cronut and think, "oh that look's so good, sure, why not" - Again, no. That was the universe testing you, because it knew you really, internally, didn't NEED it, and you failed (and I KNOW you are stronger than that!) There is a significant difference between want and need, and I believe asking yourself this question will ultimately help you achieve your goals.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!


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