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An entire day of positivity

The number one way to have a great day is to have great thoughts. Your thoughts control your mind and direct your life essentially. If you start your day with negative thoughts, judgements, complaints and making every situation a bad one, then without realizing, you will attract negativity into your day. If you begin thinking positive thoughts and just smile from the minute you wake up, you are bound to have a good day.

Today was an entire day of positivity for me. I woke up in such a good mood and super excited to get to the gym. I had brunch with my family and I ordered a salad because I was oddly craving one (I don't usually crave or order salads) and I felt amazing. On the way home, my brother was driving and got pulled over (ran a yellow light) and for some reason, it didn't phase me at all. Usually it would affect me in a negative way but not today! My exterior may have said a few comments on the situation but my interior was as calm and content as a clam. As the day progressed, I just did my thing and continued to keep calm and content. Hopped into bed at 9:30pm and have been goal writing and thinking in such a good mood ever since. Here are some of the reasons how to keep your day filled with positivity, or how I did at least:

1. Smile.

Smiling is proven to change your energy. You are living, you ALWAYS have a reason to smile, even when you don't think you do. Try it! Smiling in the car, smiling in the mirror, smiling here and smiling there. It works.

2. The less you say, the happier you'll stay.

Sometimes, you don't need to respond, comment or give your opinion. If you're around a negative situation, then just let the situation play it's course and simply observe or get lost in your own thoughts where you drown out the negativity.

3. Loving the present moment. There is no real need to be excited for another day when you are living right now. Enjoy every action you experience and put all of your energy into it. If you're taking a shower, then feel the water and enjoy it! Enjoy washing your hair and only focus on that. When you're eating a meal, then enjoy every bite and simply think about how good it's making you feel. Feel the present energies with the things you do every day.

4. Just think positive. From the moment you wake up until you fall asleep, positive thought only. Don't make any room for negative thoughts. There is no need at all! If you really think about it, there is no need for negativity. I mean we are only human so some negative thoughts may arise but we can quickly reject them with a positive comeback. Whatever is going in your day, there is a comeback. You got fired from your job? Great. Now you can continue on your path towards the career you are meant for. Broke up with your partner? Amazing. Now you can open yourself up to the person you're meant for. Upset because you can't afford the new item you want? Don't. Be grateful for what you have right now because someone is praying to have what you have. It's sort of a self game - turning negatives into positives. Once you've turned so many negatives into positives, all of your thoughts will be positive!

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