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I was walking my dogs a few days ago and thought, what if I could write out my thoughts and ideas on a platform without hesitation. Without the over analyzing every word, every sentence and every idea. Not publishing a post I've written about a topic that I thought was cool and interesting because by the end, I've convinced myself that it was actually stupid. Well, the day has come people. I really enjoying writing and somehow I've been told that I have a way with words (professional holiday card writer over here).

Thoughts about everything and anything come to mind as I'm driving my car, walking my dogs, working out, and listening to music that I think people can either relate to or learn from. I'm getting sick of watching the people in this world looking like each other and using their life to live up to an idea of the perfect look and the perfect life. I'm here to be real and hopefully help others understand that there is no such thing as perfect, the importance of being YOU, and living without ego.

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