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Travelling as a nutritionist

Days before the trip: Packing. So besides the necessities like clothes, shoes and toiletries, comes my other means to live: my supplements and my face serums (I’ll save my skincare routine in another post). When it came to my supplements, I could not go almost an entire month without my daily vitamins and minerals. This meant my Vitamin C, B-Complex, Zinc, Iron and Magnesium were coming to Brazil with me. There was no question about those ones. How

I packed them? I put them all in a large clear zip carrying case in their original bottles – in my carry on! (So if you ever wondered the same thing, then yes you can bring full size bottles of your vitamins in your carry on) I also managed to pack 2 shaker bottles (one for pre/during workout and one for post), a ziplock bag filled with protein powder, an entire container of citruline malate and collagen!

Space saver tip --> Put that ziplock bag of protein powder into one of your shaker bottles

Space saver tip --> Put one of your smaller vitamin/mineral bottles into your other shaker bottle

Space saver tip --> Low (but have enough to last) on a couple of those vitamins or minerals? Combine 2 into one container (this is only if you can distinctively tell which is which)

Day of the trip: Last minute everything. The time to cross thing off your list. Another important task: Airplane snacks. In the case where you get absolute nothing on your flight or nothing you want to eat. If I’m taking a plane on vacation mode, then I’ll go 70% healthy, 30% not so healthy to be completely honest. I mean, I’m on vacation! Some examples may look like protein bars, granola bars, pretzels, a sandwich or simply healthier versions of your favourite snacks.

Being on a plane all day: First flight, Vancouver to Chicago. The food: Pretzels. Let’s just say I devoured them. Thank goodness I stopped at a store on the way to the airport and bought a few protein bars. Once I got to Chicago, I had to run to my gate and had no time to properly eat. So I quickly stopped one of those little stores and got water, halls and Pringles.. yes.. I felt rushed and needed anything! From Chicago to Sao Paulo. 10 hours, throat was hurting and felt sick. Great start.

Whenever I fly, I request a special meal: Vegetarian-Lacto-Ovo. I do this to guarantee a vegetarian meal, in case it’s not an option. But I’ve come to realize that most the time, a vegetarian meal is offered (and is always better than what I get!) Yes you get your food first, but even then, I feel awkward eating when no one else is.. So I hear the dinner announcement: Chicken or Spinach Pasta. I got a little excited when I heard that and almost assumed that’s what I was getting. A few minutes later, the stewardess comes by “Special Meal?” Well it says my name on it, I can’t deny it at this point. Turned out to be rice and vegetables. It wasn’t horrible but had to keep telling myself that it was a lot healthier than the pasta. Now in the morning, breakfast is being served. The smell of cheap croissants filled the cabin and I was craving some carbs! Turned out to be a crossiant, jam and yogurt for breakfast. The stewardess eventually gets to my row, and “Was there a special meal here?”. I’m sure you can guess my mood. I ended up getting 5 small pieces of fruit and the same gluten free cookies from dinner. This time, I was actually going to ask for the other meal but then she walked away too quick and I gave up. I again had to tell myself that I probably shouldn’t have eaten a big bowl of sugar filled yogurt and a not-worth-it croissant. So the end result of ordering a special meal on an airplane is that if you want to guarantee that you’ll be eating fairly healthy with a side of disappointment, then pre-order the special.

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